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Plus Berries is committed to guaranteeing the viability of our farms through the application of the most innovative technology in the production process, experimentation and research to increase productivity and extend the harvest period, the search for the most interesting varieties in terms of productivity, precocity and commercial acceptability and, ultimately, specialization in the sector.

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Our goal is
always to advance

According to our philosophy, agriculture must integrate innovative technologies to complement tradition, in order to increase long-term production efficiency, productivity and profitability, while minimizing undesirable impacts on wildlife and the environment.

The promotion of various lines of research has been a constant in Plus Berries since its inception. Through different projects with the Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid, we are very active in researching the role of bioactive compounds in our fruit. But the research does not stop there. At the same time, we are immersed in programs that develop new procedures and techniques of cultivation to evaluate the sustainability and efficiency of natural resources use.

In support of increasing differentiation, Plus Berries develops varietal development programs with the aim of extending the timing of the available harvest, as well as to achieve new varieties of improved quality customized to the tastes of certain geographic areas.

The success of our R&D program has allowed us to have a constant supply throughout the year, breaking the seasonality of the fruit and offering fruit in alternative periods to that of traditional cultivation.