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Within the corporate policies of the Plus Berries group, those that have an impact on corporate social responsibility have an important role to play in the group. In implementing these lines of action, Plus Berries seeks to foster a culture of social responsibility with a global character, which contributes to the sustainable creation of value for citizens, clients and society in which the Group carries out its activities.



We re-invest part of our profit in the community where our business resides and take care of our workers, taking into account their sex, race and creed. This has led us to develop social action campaigns of a unique nature, with the aim of promoting equality, diversity and the full integration of all its workers without losing their own identity.


In 2012, we were awarded the Agriculture and Fisheries Award from the Regional Government of Andalusia in the category of sustainable agriculture. This important award recognizes the efforts of Plus Berries, who have opted for a sustainable agriculture model that allows us to strike a balance between economic development and the social and ecological values of our territory. A model of sustainable agriculture at the feet of nature reserves.



Water is valuable – incredibly valuable, but unfortunately and increasingly, it is a limited resource, so we must control its use, using only the required amount. Therefore, we are engaged in development programmes (RESFOOD, a project within the 7th Framework Programme) which allow us to optimize their use.



As we are aware of our responsibilities to the environment, and although we have no legal obligation to do so, we have decided to voluntarily invest in climate protection. At the moment we are collaborating on two carbon offset projects: “Cookstove” Nationwide Peru’ and “Wind Energy Vader Piet Aruba”.



They are part of team Plus Berries, but occasionally their work goes unnoticed. We’re referring to our beneficial insects that assist us with natural pest control and, in the case of the bees, are essential to properly pollinate the plants.

We support


Because sport is a form of wellness, in Plus Berries we encourage those sports and recreational practices that promote healthy coexistence and healthy lifestyles among the population. Therefore, we have become involved and contribute our berries to events such as Huelva Extrema Rally and the ‘Kilos per Km’ children’s race. Likewise, we have participated with the Sporting Club, the female soccer club of the city of Huelva.

Health is

our concern

Our group has become one of the greatest proponents in communicating the health benefits of berries. Three years ago, we started the Health Passport campaign and since 2016, a campaign has been created that for a month goes to different schools around Spain, promoting the benefits of berries through activities and games based on a special comic book on super-berries, who pedagogically communicate these benefits disguised in the form of superpowers.


 and history

Plus Berries have opted for a policy of restoration of historic buildings and farmhouses from previous eras located on our farmlands in order to reinforce the cultural identity of the Andalusian agricultural heritage.