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The Plus
Berries Team


A group of berries,
rest quietly in a
grove tanning in the sun,

when suddenly they begin to notice a strange sensation. Elsa, the raspberry, feels an extraordinary lightness, which allows her to jump great distances. Dora, the blackberry, sees her vision enhanced, clearly observing objects far in the distance. Freda, the strawberry, develops muscles and acquires great strength. And Nando the blueberry? Nando can remember how things happened in minute detail, in a demonstration of great memory. And all these amazing superpowers developed in them because of the extraordinary rays of the sun of the province of Huelva, which they will use to make people healthy and fight for a healthier world.

Meet our team!

Freda, the strawberry


Coming from the fields of Lepe, our super berry Freda contributes her immeasurable strength to the incredible feats of our team “Plus Berries”. It will come in the form of muscle, but also in doses of willpower. No doubt she’ll be an essential character in many of the adventures that they’re to have.

So you think that just because you’re very strong, you don’t have a tender heart?

Nando, the blueberry


Coming from the plains of Bonares and Gibraléon, Nando shows that memory and intelligence can often be the greatest power. His facts and solutions will save the Plus Berries team from disaster on more than one occasion.

Could he have a better memory than an elephant, or more?

Elsa, the raspberry


From Moguer, by leaps and bounds, comes our lightest and most audacious super hero. With her agility and awesome moves, she becomes the one to upset the balance in tight situations.

How far do you think she can jump?

Dora, the blackberry


From the forest of Lucena comes the super berry who sees it all. With her extraordinary vision she can see things before they happen (most of the time), and the team would surely be lost without her.

I want those cute glasses!

and now that you know them,

it’s time to see

them in person.

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The Plus Berries group, in its continuing effort to communicate of the beneficial effects of berries, looks forward with tremendous enthusiasm to the outreach campaign of its healthy fruits focused on the smallest members of the family. During the months of May and June, our super-berries visit different schools around Spain, so that children learn the properties of these wonderful healthy fruits through play.

You can follow our campaigns on the website dedicated to this event:

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