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Our Stone fruit is grown in several regions in Spain with plenty of sunshine. This benefits their flavor, color and sugar content. We also apply innovative cultivation techniques which, along with our conservation techniques and packaging, extend shelf life and preserve aroma, freshness and firmness. Our fruit reaches our clients in the best conditions possible.


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Red Peach

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Yellow Peach


Flat Peach

Yellow plums

Red plums

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Jesús Cabanillas

You can’t speak of stone fruit in Spain without mentioning the Cabanillas family, which has been dedicated to agriculture for more than 35 years. Jesus Cabanillas and his brother Ismael have opened the group’s borders with their overseas exports of a high-quality fruit with a long shelf life. Their facilities in Valdelacalzada are a true reflection of their personality, where innovation accelerates and facilitates the processes of selection and packaging. Jesús Cabanillas, a grower through and through like all the growers of Plus Berries, is more than just a member of the group; he is its essence.

José Antonio Martín

You can’t speak of stone fruit in the province of Huelva without mentioning the Martín family, with more than 30 years of family tradition that has managed to capture the best of its past and the innovative opportunities that the present and future has offered. José Antonio, in the second generation, has given the company a unique personality, turning Agromartín into one of the main stone fruit producing companies. A grower through and through like all the producers of Plus Berries, is more than just a member of the group; he is its essence.



After years of experimental research we have developed a totally innovative production process. The optimization and the exhaustive control of all the process, from planting to customer delivery, ensure our objective: the highest quality. Food security and the traceability of the product are ensured in every stage of the process.

Healthy lifestyle


It has antioxidant properties that help neutralize free radicals preventing cancer diseases.
It contains more than 85% water, facilitating the body hydration.
Thanks to its high carbohydrate content, it is the ideal food energy intake.
It is rich in Vitamin A, responsible for maintaining good eye health and skin.


It prevents cardiovascular, kidney disease and anemia.
It helps regulate cholesterol.
Peaches are successfully applied in Oriental medicine to treat hypertension.
Thanks to its high phosphorus content, it protects nerve cells, recommended to treat neurosis.
It regulates intestinal and liver functions, maintaining urinary functions.


Perfect to combat constipation and other intestinal disorders.
It prevents fluid retention, thanks to its high potassium content.
It prevents colon cancer.
Thanks to its high boron content, it helps retain estrogen. Perfect for menopausal period.
It controls high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

Flat peaches

Thanks to its high carotene content, it has anticancer and antioxidant properties.
It ensures health for good vision, skin, teeth and gums.
Despite their sweet taste, the flat peach contains very few calories, less than 40 per 100 grams.
It prevents nervous and anxiety states.


It is perfect for children as it helps bone growth, because it contains beta-carotenes and tannins.
It has great power laxative which helps in intestinal transit problems, preventing constipation.
It prevents cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.
It protects vision, skin, hair, teeth and bones.
It strengthens the immune system, greatly reducing stress.



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