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Our raspberry is juicy, fleshy with a sour-sweet taste, fragrance and full of flavour. It’s pretty pink color and silken textures make our berry a unique fruit of high quality. On top of that we offer a tailor-made service to fit your distribution, volume and packaging needs. Our entire philosophy has a sole and fundamental objective: To offer the best raspberry of the highest quality.

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Jan Van Bergeijk

The concept of the high-quality raspberry is associated with the name of Jan Van Bergeijk. To speak of raspberries in Huelva is to speak of Jan, since it was he who introduced its cultivation in Andalusia. Creative and innovative, and willing to face challenges that most producers reject, it has managed to position itself among the most important raspberry brands in Europe. Jan Van Bergeijk, a grower through and through, just like all the producers of Plus Berries, is more than just a member of the group; he is its essence



After years of experimental research we have developed a totally innovative production process. The optimization and the exhaustive control of all the process, from planting to customer delivery, ensure our objective: the highest quality. Food security and the traceability of the product are ensured in every stage of the process.

Nutritional values

Healthy lifestyle

Delicious raspberries have always been a part of fine dining. But the virtues of this beautiful fruit, both for the eye and for the palate, are not only found in the kitchen; its health properties are one of its best calling cards.

Laboratory studies have demonstrated the ability of raspberries and raspberry seed extracts to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the breast, prostate, cervix and colon. These little berries may fight cancer by acting as a rich source of ellagitannins. Found in both the red and black varieties of raspberries, elagitannins become ellagic acid in the body, a known cancer-fighting antioxidant.

Its positive effects against obesity are also known. Raspberry ketone (4- (4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one; RK) is a compound found naturally in raspberries and works by altering lipid metabolism, improving obesity and fatty liver.



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