José Pulido



Office address:

Poligono Industrial El Corchito parcelas 18-19-20
Apartado de correo nº27, 21830 Bonares, Huelva

Farm address:

Finca Los Lobos (Huelva), Spain
Finca La Cañada (Huelva), Spain
T. 0034 959 36 42 37 F. 0034 959 36 44 21

Blackberry sales manager:

M. 0034 659 06 05 68

Office and blueberry Packhouse::

Poligono Industrial El Corchito Parcelas 18-19-20
Apartado de correo 21830 Bonares, Huelva

0034 659 06 05 68
0034 959 36 44 21


“FRUTAS HERMANOS PULIDO, S.L” is a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of blueberries and raspberries. A young, innovative growing business formed in 2003 that never ceases to look for new varieties and the improvement of its production process while respecting and looking after the environment at the same time and turning innovation and quality into a recurring motif.

Because of effort and hard work, the brand SELBERRY has been consolidated in the European markets as an example of quality and service.

The strong and beautiful blueberry bushes adorn and contribute to the natural richness of local spots. Hydroponic techniques are used in the cultivation of the raspberries. The company commercializes 750 T of blueberries and about 200 T of raspberries annually. The blueberries are cultivated on the “Los Lobos” plantation in Bonares (Huelva) and the raspberries on the “La Cañada” plantation in Rociana Del Condado (Almonte, Huelva).

Commercialization takes place in the industrial zone of “El Corchito” in Bonares (Huelva). 

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