José Antonio Martín


Office address:

C/ Fuentes, 56, 21440 Lepe Huelva

Farm address:

Finca El Vascogil – Salida Salida 117 Autovia A-49 Lepe (Huelva), Spain
T. 0034 959 50 44 54 F. 0034 959 50 41 45

Strawberry sales manager:

M. 0034 637 72 31 20, Jose Antonio Martín

Office and rasp Packhouse::

Finca El Vascogil – Salida Salida 117 Autovia A-49 Lepe (Huelva), Spain

0034 637 72 31 20
0034 959 50 41 45

aromas ing

“AGROMARTIN S.L” carries out its activity on the “Vasco Gil” plantation in Lepe (Huelva) The finest strawberries from the field to your table via the best, most innovative production and recollection processes. Following the path of innovation they are considered profits in their own land.

This company, ground breaking in the development of precocious stone fruit in Europe, started out in the early 80s cultivating strawberries and to date produces the tastiest strawberries in their region. A dynamic family owned company with more than 30 years of experience and steady growth dedicated to the skilful production of quality validated fruit.

“AGROMARTIN” is a company committed and aware of its surroundings. Through social events they promote equality, diversity and the complete integration of their workforce, while respecting their diverse identities by the construction of class rooms, a Jaima (an intercultural space for celebrations or prayer) and so on.

During the last few years they have deservedly won awards such as:  

Silver Medal, Red Cross Spain (June 25, 2012)

The Andalusian Award of Migration, Ninth Edition (September 29, 2010)

Golden Medal, Lepe (February 28, 2009)

First Prize “Agrointegra”, Distribution” (November 05, 2009)

Second prize “Agrointegra”, Mass Media” (November 05, 2009)

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