Plus Berries

Four specialized producers at your service

Four Spanish family run businesses, “Agricola el Bosque S.L.”, “Frutas Hermanos Pulido”, “Frutas Remolino” and “Agromartin”, led by young growers specializing in high quality red fruit, joined forces under the name “PLUS BERRIES”, in order to meet one common objective: to satisfy the expectations of consciences consumers, while offering a full range of berries with the highest possible standards of quality and service. This merger strengthens their competitiveness internationally.

Plus BERRIES, from the beginning, opted for innovation and specialization in the production process of their fresh fruit.

In this business venture the group has consolidated their hard-won position, both nationally and internationally, in the first line ever of Gourmet Berries to be had in whichever way to please the most demanding palate.  The best quality blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are therefore offered ensuring direct contact between client and grower.

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