Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing (RESFOOD)

The Plus BERRIES group, La Canastita, in conjunction with the technologies developed by RESFOOD, on a Project Within the VII Framework Program of the European Union, will achieve the capacity to optimize the usage of water and fertilizers without diminishing the productivity of the plantations, and the proposal of a new method of disinfecting drain water, which allows for the recirculation in the crop system without land which at present we are employing, provides us with total guaranteed success.

Increased growth and stabilization of blackberries in the usage of bioactives through bioeffectors; project financed by the CEDETI

The Plus BERRIES group, La Canastita, counting on The CEU University of Madrid, College of Pharmacy,  aspires to obtain, through the application of bioeffectors via radicular, the increment of contents in bioactive compounds, and stabilizing between a minimum and a maximum these levels of the produced fruit in any given time during the year, achieving thereby the commercialization of a blackberry without differences in organoleptic and nutritional qualities regardless of the time of year in which it is being consumed with high antioxidant content. 

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